Danny_Trejo_cast in predators

If you’re a fan of Robert Rodriguez, the latest news regarding his reboot, Predators won’t come as a shock. It appears that character actor Danny Trejo is the first person to be cast in the film. Rodriguez will produce the sci-fi flick that will be directed by Nimrod Antal, and backed by TroubleMaker Studios. Trejo recently gave an interview with Punch Drunk Critics, where he discussed Predators, and even a little Machete.

Check out the video…

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Did he mention Sin City or am I hearing things? Does anyone actually think the sequel to that film will ever get made, because I gave up a long time ago. As for Machete, I need that movie in my life. With the exception of Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba, I can’t wait to see the cast in action.

This may not be a conventional casting announcement for Predators, but it’s something. The film has had somewhat of a rocky road since its inception. The one thing we do know is that the original Stan Winston design for the alien will be in full effect for the remake, so thank goodness for small favors.

What do you think about Danny Trejo being cast in Predators?