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It takes a lot to get a director like Ron Howard excited. Howard is no stranger to making iconic films such as Frost/Nixon, Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind, but out of all his developing projects this will be his scariest challenge yet. Howard is set to take on the adaptation of Image Comics’ The Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft.

The story is part biography but thrust deep into the world of fantasy following the influential horror writer. Lovecraft was a pioneer in his day who dominated magazines like Weird Tales in the 1920s and 1930s.

“It’s challenging,”, says Howard, “but if we get it right, it could be really original and psychologically interesting and scary in a great way. And it’s a graphic novel, which is new territory for me.”

If you aren’t familiar with Lovecraft’s material, his work is a constant reminder that the human race is always involved in a struggle between insanity and reality. His influence reaches out to many present day authors and filmmakers including but not limited to the director of the original Halloween, John Carpenter, comic writer Alan Moore and contemporary horror icon Stephen King.

The screenplay is currently in development and in the meantime Howard is focusing on the novel adaptation, The Parisifal Mosiac.

What do you think about Ron Howard taking on H.P. Lovecraft?

Source: Empire