Hugh Hefner Diablo Cody Biopic

Is Diablo Cody set to write the long awaited Brian Grazer-produced Hugh Hefner biopic? Hefner took to his Twitter account yesterday afternoon when he dropped the bombshell: “Meeting with Diablo Cody to talk about the Brian Grazer Playboy film today.” Could this be the beginning of the film so many people have been dying to see?

Cody decided to keep mum about the meeting on her Twitter page and Hefner never gave an update on how the meeting went. Knowing that he’s meeting with writers, one can assume that they are indeed looking for a new script or a rewrite of what already exists for the project.

The last time we heard anything official about the film was back in 2007 when John Hoffman signed on to pen the screenplay and Brett Ratner was attached to direct. The film has been rumored to have Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr. attached to star in the past.

At the end of the day, this meeting could turn out to be nothing. People in Hollywood meet together all the time, but this does seem like an odd pairing between Cody and the Playboy brand. Cody is very well known for her girl-centric projects, so maybe this is her attempt to branch out? Either way, it is an interesting development on a project that is long overdue.

Do you think Diablo Cody is a good fit for the Hugh Hefner biopic? Who do you want to see play Hugh Hefner?

Additional Source: Cinematical