Creation, a biopic centering on the life of naturalist Charles Darwin, has been released in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, its been a long and hard journey to find distribution in the U.S. despite the film’s stars Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. Many have speculated that a movie that focuses on Darwin, will be too controversial for a country so heavily influenced by religion.

The film’s plot has a similar struggle, because Darwin finds himself torn between his theory that creation can be explained without God, and his relationship with his deeply religious wife.

Despite the struggle to find its way to America, one brave company picked up this Jon Amiel directed film. Newmarket Films, the company that is most famous for distributing Passion of the Christ, has set Creation for a December release. Its quite obvious this company loves picking up films that are controversial and sticking them in the North American market.

The film had its premiere recently at the Toronto International Film Festival during the opening night Gala Presentation. It was the first non-Canadian film since 1996 to have that honor. Creation is an adaptation of Annie’s Box: Charles Darwin, His Daughter and Human Evolution.

Do you think this movie should be released in the States? Does the topic of Evolution bother you? Are you interested in seeing this film?

Source: Empire