The Book of Eli extended trailer

A second extended trailer has been released for the Hughes brother’s epic, The Book of Eli. The film stars Denzel Washington as a post-apocalyptic hero in search of a mystical book that is rumored to have the answer to man’s salvation inside. While on his journey he comes across some pretty shady characters including a deliciously evil Gary Oldman.

Take a look at Washington in action…

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From both trailers released for the film you can clearly tell that Denzel is kicking ass and taking names later. As he previously stated at Comic-Con, he does all of his own stunts in the film. That’s him getting down and dirty with the bad guys in each fight scene.

Even though the story for Eli is still somewhat vague, we know that something big happened 30 years prior that turned the planet into scorched earth. Book of Eli is scheduled to hit theaters on January 10, 2010.

What do you think of the second trailer for Book of Eli?