popeye the sailor man

Yesterday we brought you the news that producer Avi Arad and Sony Pictures were going to develop a sequel to the 2007 comic based movie Ghost Rider, and now another cult icon will hit the big screen. According to Variety Popeye the Sailor Man will make another appearance in theaters, but this time he’ll be in CGI.

According to the trade, Arad acquired the film rights to produce a CGI animated take on the 1920′s comic character. There have been several variations of Popeye from cartoons, to action figures, and even video games. The most memorable live action version of the property has to be the 1980′s film that featured Robin Williams in the title role. The movie was less than stellar but Williams did give a lively performance none the less.

Popeye is very well known and has a very distinct audience. As a child I could never get into the animated series, his voice always annoyed me but I can understand the connection other people have to him. The film is currently in development so there’s no information on casting or directing at the moment. Who could play Popeye out of today’s group of actors? That’s a hard voice to recreate. Do you think they should bring Robin back or maybe try Dave Coulier from Full House?

What do you think about a CGI Popeye?