pirates 4 be johnny depps last

It’s looking grim for the new Pirates of the Caribean trilogy that Disney’s trying to pull off. Over at Cinemablend, they got an exclusive tip from a source who claims that Johnny Depp may not return to the franchise after his appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The actor is currently in negotiations to reprise the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, but due to a few recent events, Pirates 5 and 6 are definitely uncertain.

Depp began to express doubt in his return to Pirates after Disney Chairman Dick Cook stepped down from his position at the studio. The actor expressed a lack of enthusiasm with returning to the role, and clarified that his deal had yet to be finalized. According to the source over at Cinemablend, if Depp does return for On Stranger Tides, he more than likely won’t return for a fifth and sixth film. Disney planned on restarting a new trilogy based on the previously established property, and his exit would definitely put a damper on that.

They also stated that the studio is preparing to recast the role of Captain Jack if Depp refuses to return. My response to that statement is, “Are they insane?” You can’t replace him in that role. This isn’t Batman, you can’t have a new actor every few movies and think it will work. Depp made that character and created something completely different than what was on the page, and it worked. Any replacement actor would just be doing their best Depp impersonation of Keith Richards.

What do you think of Depp possibly leaving the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise? Do you think it can survive without him?