dimension films update scream 4 halloween 3

Bob Weinstein just released the scariest film slate I’ve seen in a very long time. The majority of the features on the Dimension Films roster are mostly from the horror genre, but that’s not why they’re terrifying. The studio recently announced their production line up for 2010, and it’s filled with plenty of familiar names.

Here’s what we can expect from Dimension over the next year.

  • Scream IV: will start production in April or May with Wes Craven in talks to direct the film that will mark the beginning of a new trilogy. The biggest piece of news came from the announcement that Neve Campbell will reprise the role of Sidney in the film.
  • Spy Kids IV: Robert Rodriguez is currently writing the script for the film, which is scheduled to start shooting in March of 2010. The film will also be shot in 3-D like its predecessor.
  • Halloween III: is scheduled for release in October of 2010, and will also be in 3-D.

Weinstein then stated “I’m heading back to my franchise films.” He went on to list a boat load of remakes that he plans on shooting in the coming year, they include Scanners in 3D, Short Circuit, and American Werewolf in London.

There’s no excitement on my front for any of these films. All the titles are either exhausted or unnecessary. How can you make another Spy Kids without any kids? I believe the two child actors from that series are adults now. As for Scream 4, Neve Campbell has been so adamant about not starring in the film, so I’m very surprised that he mentioned her name in the cast list.

What do you think about the upcoming slate for Dimension Films?

Source: Variety