chriswedge the leaf men

Director Chris Wedge, best known for his work on the prehistoric hit Ice Age, is set to direct an adaptation of William Joyce’s illustrated book The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs. Fox Animation has committed to financing the venture, with Wedge’s Blue Sky Studios producing.

The news comes after a long battle took place over the film between Fox and Pixar. Fox had initially given Wedge their blessing to seek a new home for the film, only to later back off that decision when Disney came very close to striking a deal with the director.

Sources in the animation community who followed Wedge’s near move to Pixar said it would have been unusual to see Wedge spend the next few years making an animated film for a rival seeing how he’s so closely identified with Blue Sky. He was one of the driving forces behind making Fox a family film powerhouse.

The story for Leaf Men focuses on a troop of bugs who try to save their garden home, but in order to do that they have to battle an evil spider queen. Knowing that their too weak for the task they call on the mythical Leaf Men to help them. From that point on animated family fun ensues.

Are you guys excited for The Leaf Men? Do you think Fox Animation can do a better job than Pixar?