brian dennehy the next three days

The Paul Haggis directed thriller The Next Three Days just got three big additions to its cast. Tony award winner Brian Dennehy, eight year-old Ty Simpkins and recording artist the RZA are in negotiations to co-star in the already star studded cast led by Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks. The film is a remake of the French thriller Pour Elle and is scheduled to start shooting in Pittsburgh next week.

Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks are featured in the film as a couple whose marriage is tested when the wife is imprisoned for a crime she did not commit and the husband devises a plan out of desperation to free her. Dennehy who hasn’t actually signed on yet is in negotiations to play Crowe’s father. Ty Simpkins is set to play the son of Crowe and Banks while RZA’s role is unknown.

The movie reunites Paul Haggis with Lionsgate, whom he collaborated with on his Oscar winning feature, Crash.

Are you impressed by the cast so far? Will the Haggis and Lionsgate reunion earn the same success as Crash?