a star is born

How many versions can Hollywood produce of A Star is Born? We’ll soon find out because according to THR, the Warner Bros remake has gained momentum in recent months and they’ve hired a screenwriter. With a scribe in place, the studio will soon be able to announce the scheduled release date for the film. Several singers/actresses have been mentioned as possible leads for the film, and you won’t believe who they have as their first pick.

According to the trade, Warner Bros has hired up-and-coming writer Will Fetters to create a first draft of a potential script for the film. He’s the most recent of many writers who’ve had their shot at the story for the remake. One of the front-runners to star in the film is Beyonce Knowles. She hasn’t been confirmed as the lead, but her name is being thrown around as a possibility. This will be the fourth take on A Star is Born, the previous versions were from 1937, 1954, and 1976 respectively.

The basic story of the film centers on a young naive ingenue who falls in love with an established male star, but while her career rises his begins to decline. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for the original. Fredric March‘s portrayal in the 1937 version was beyond flawless. For some odd reason I could see Hugh Jackman in that role.

As for the Beyonce rumors, I hope those are just rumors. Even though she is a strong vocalist she doesn’t impress me as an actress. They need someone who can do both. That’s something they were able to successfully do with the previous films. There are many trained actresses who can pull off the part, with no problem. Look a little harder Warner Bros.

What do you think about the Star is Born remake? Who could play the lead characters?