ghost rider sequel in the works

Where are Sony’s priorities? Even though, their 2007 live action take on Ghost Rider made a decent amount of money at the box office, critically it was mediocre. Whatever the reason, the studio has decided to bring back Nicolas Cage and his flaming motorcycle. According to Variety, David S. Goyer is in early talks to pen the screenplay for the sequel, which will have Cage reprising his role as the Marvel anti-hero.

The Ghost Rider sequel will be produced by former Marvel chief Avi Arad, who is currently developing the film at Columbia alongside Spiderman 4. I didn’t hate the first film as much as others, but Arad’s outlook on creating more Marvel franchises is kind of terrifying. He recently spoke about the arsenal of characters Marvel has in their library, and the effect that the recent Disney merger will have on it.

“I had this poster of the Marvel universe, with these beautifully drawn characters, and we used to say you could throw a dart, hit a character and make a hit movie under the Marvel brand,” Arad said. “There is long list yet to be unleashed. I think this will look like a smart deal over time, because Disney is a company that knows how to exploit a brand.”

This entire scenario is scary. The beginning of his statement isn’t supposed to be taken literally, but it’s my biggest nightmare. A bunch of studio executives picking various comic characters to base movies off of at random. As for Disney’s gift of “exploitation,” if anything that makes the brand sound cheap, and there’s nothing good about that. I’m currently on the fence about several upcoming comic book movies, and Ghost Rider 2 is not helping the case.

What do you think of Sony producing a Ghost Rider sequel?