dreamworks to buy xombie

DreamWorks is in negotiations to acquire the rights to Xombie, a story that was recently pitched to the studio. Oddly enough, the film isn’t a horror thriller based on the radical behavior of the undead. Instead, the film centers on a zombie who also happens to be a police officer. The movie was pitched by a policeman turned writer named Will Beall.

According to Reuters, Xombie is based on a comic book by James Farr entitled Devil’s Due. The comic was in turn based on the animated series of. The story of Xombie centers on a dead cop named Dirge who attempts to saves humanity’s remnants, particularly a young girl named Zoe, from evil zombies. Since the studio is still in negotiations to gain the story rights, the plot details for the film are being kept under lock and key.

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are in talks to produce the film once all the legal issues are taken care of. The man behind the film pitch Will Beall, was a former beat cop and anti-gang policeman in the 77th Division. He was promoted to the position of homicide detective and continues to serve the LAPD while writing.

Pitching movies to major production studios is a hell of a side job for a detective.

What do you think about the story for Xombie?