luke and andrew wilson direct electric avenue

During a one on one interview over at MTV for actor-director Andrew Wilson‘s latest film Whip It he talked about teaming up with one of his younger brothers again for an upcoming project. It turns out that Andrew will be teaming up with Luke Wilson for the film Electric Avenue. Now, if you’re like me that catchy song from the eighties just popped into your head, so this has to be a comedy right? Well, not necessarily…

Wilson seemed to keep his mouth shot about what type of movies he had in mind, although he did say, “It’s kind of like a 48 Hrs. type buddy comedy. Except instead of cops, they’re reporters.” Doesn’t sound too funny too me, although he could always take it in that direction.

The actor said that Luke will star in one of the lead roles but he wouldn’t reveal who would play his partner (perhaps Owen would join the party or is that too easy?( This won’t be the first time that Andrew and Luke have teamed up to direct. The duo previously helmed the 2005 film, The Wendell Baker Story.

The film will begin production as early as January or February, so chances are we’ll be hearing a lot more about the Wilson brothers.

I can’t help but wonder who else might be set to co-star with Luke in Electric Avenue? According to Andrew he can’t make the announcement yet. I have a feeling it’s Owen, but isn’t he too busy hanging out with Wes Anderson? Is so, who else might be go for?

What do you think of Andrew and Luke Wilson teaming up again for Electric Avenue?