john malkovich joins secretariat

A group of four actors have signed on to star in the real life story of Secretariat, the racehorse that won the famed Triple Crown back in 1973. According to Reuters, John Malkovich, Diane Lane, Scott Glenn and Dylan Walsh have all signed on to co-star in the film about the legendary horse. Randall Wallace will direct the film from a script written by Mike Rich.

In Secretariat, Lane will portray Penny Tweedy, a housewife who pushes the horse to become the greatest in the sport. Dylan Walsh will star as her husband, a lawyer who’d prefer for her to stay home as opposed to competing. John Malkovich will play a charismatic trainer who underestimates the power of Secretariat, while Glenn will star as a southern-bred aristocrat who loses the horse in a coin toss. Production on the film begins this week in Louisiana and Kentucky.

Some background on Secretariat: In 1973 he became the first racehorse to win the U.S. Triple Crown after a 25 year gap. He went on to break and set several world records, and became a national treasure in the U.S. Unfortunately, through all of his success, Secretariat died at the age of 19 when he was euthanized due to a hoof infection that showed no signs of getting better.

The story of Secretariat and his rise to fame has always been an interesting topic, so this film will already have a built in audience.

What do you think of Secretariat the movie? Are you familiar with the horses story?