enron the movie headed your way

The name Enron strikes a cord with many Americans, but for all the wrong reasons. The Texas based energy company found itself in a whole heap of a trouble a few years ago due to its questionable “accounting practices.” The 2001 scandal unfolded like a bad soap opera. It was a guilty pleasure and in a way became a sick form of entertainment. Therefore it was no surprise that a documentary was produced based on the trials and tribulations of the company, and later a theatrical play. So what’s next for the scandal that won’t quit?

According to THR, Sony Pictures have picked up the rights to Lucy Prebble‘s Enron, her successful play that is currently running at the London Royal Court Theatre. The studio plans on adapting it for a feature film, with Prebble on board to pen the script. This April the stage production of Enron will leap from London to New York, making an appearance on Broadway. Laura Ziskin will co-produce the film alongside Margo Lion, but no director has been confirmed as of yet.

The company may suck when it comes to energy, but in the entertainment world it’s gold. The play has been a huge hit, the 2005 documentary was nominated for an Oscar, and now we have a feature film on the horizon. I wonder how good it will do?

What do you think about the production of Enron: The Movie?