The Tooth Fairy Teaser Poster Close Up

What the hell is going on? Is Dwayne Johnson setting himself up to be a family friendly actor for the rest of his career? There’s nothing wrong with that, but he has potential to be so much more. Imagine my confusion and sadness when I came across a poster for his upcoming film, The Tooth Fairy. It’s another feature that will have the actor starring alongside a group of children, who will magically help better his character in a profound way.

Take a look at closer look at Dwayne Johnson in this ridiculous get up…

tooth_fairy teaser poster

The Tooth Fairy centers on a minor league hockey player named Derek who is sentenced to one week hard labor as a tooth fairy after he crushes a youngster’s hopes. Throughout the film we see Derek stumbling through strangers homes, while trying to get accustomed to his new job. Even though he dreads it in the beginning, he starts to notice a moral change in himself due to his new surroundings.

How many times have we seen this format? Johnson has the potential to be a really great film star, but he’s putting himself into a corner. I’m not saying he has to do bad ass action movies for the rest of his life, but there needs to be a mix. We get it, you can do comedy, action, and drama, but you’ve got to keep it balanced. This film reminds me too much of Vin Diesel‘s The Pacifier, and we all knew after that film the end was near.

The Tooth Fairy opens in theaters nationwide on January 22, 2010.

What do you think of the teaser poster for The Tooth Fairy?

Poster courtesy of IMPA