diablo cody to adapt sweet valley high

What the hell?! This article is being written from a place of anger because another one of my childhood staples is being destroyed. Remember the Francine Pascal book series Sweet Valley High? According to THR, Oscar winner Diablo Cody will adapt the books for the silver screen. Universal Pictures is in negotiations to gain the rights to the property, and if all goes well Cody will bring the characters to life.

Not only will Diablo Cody write the script, but she will also serve as a producer alongside Mason Novick and Marc Platt. Sweet Valley High was first published in 1983, and spawned over 150 books during its run. The books center on Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, twin sisters who live in the fictional town of Sweet Valley, CA. To make a long story short Jessica’s the bitchy one, and Elizabeth is the innocent one. They deal with the same problems as every other teenage girl in the world including boys, gossip, and school.

I don’t want the characters from Sweet Valley High to sound like they’re from Juno. No offense to the movie (I loved it), but Jennifer’s Body was horrible, so this could be a toss up between the two. If she’s going to adapt the story, the characters can’t all sound like each other. They can’t all be sarcastic a-holes, who have a smart comment to say about every little thing. The Sweet Valley universe doesn’t work that way.

What do you think about Diablo Cody adapting Sweet Valley High?