archie comics signs with caa

Archie Comics, the publishing home to several well known properties has signed on to CAA. CAA is the Creative Artists Agency and they work with companies who want to expand their brand. Therefore it looks like Archie Comics plans on throwing their hat into the ring with Marvel and the newly formed DC Entertainment. I smell a movie war brewing.

According to Variety, 70 year old Archie Comics is looking to revamp some of their most well known properties for television and film. Some of which include Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, Super Duck, and Archie & Friends. CAA is no stranger to helping companies connect with Hollywood studios. They recently helped Mattel land a film deal for their Major Matt Mason project, with Tom Hanks attached to star.

This is a brave move for Archie Comics considering who they’re up against. Marvel has been gobbled up by Disney, and DC has given birth to DC Entertainment, and now they team up with CAA? Sabrina the Teenage Witch worked as a decent TV series, but even after a few seasons it began to annoy me.

The only way I can see this working is if they get a few Disney actors to play the title characters. They’ll have to go for that younger target audience, because the market has shifted dramatically. The teen and college age male demographic is in a tug of war with Marvel and DC right now, and I don’t think Archie can loosen their grip.

What do you think about Archie Comics signing with CAA? Do you think they can go head to head with Marvel and DC?