The weekend of the Emmys has come and gone and reactions from the movie and TV world are running rampant. The end of summer is drawing near but the news is still plentiful. Here’s some of the latest movie news and Emmy news:

  • If you are one of the many who are early awaiting the release of Where the Wild Things Are here is something to tide you over. Spike Jonze took to his blog recently and started a fan art contest called “Where The Wild Things Ought to Be.” Visit for a few good laughs and a chance to win a Where the Wild Things Are skatedeck. [/Film]
  • Are you sick of what is billed as the typical cliché for a stoner nowadays? Unreality Magazine tells us the 5 worst stoner portrayals in movies.
  • In case you missed the Emmys last night here is a run down from Defamer of what the Emmys taught us.

And below is one of the funnier moments last night as Neil Patrick Harris turned in a gem as the host of the Emmys…

Did you enjoy the Emmys last night? What did you think of Neil Patrick Harris as the host? Who won that was undeserving? Who lost that deserved to win?