the-wizard-of-oz returns to theaters

The film classic The Wizard of Oz based on the L. Frank Baum novel, has hit its 70th anniversary mark. In honor of the occasion, the film will make a return to the place where it all began, the movie theater. According to the Associated Press, this Wednesday, September 23rd fans will be able to experience the film on the big screen like they never have before.

The Wizard of Oz has an important place in history not just because of its box office success, but because of the effect it had on general public during the hardest economic crisis this country ever encountered.

The Wizard of Oz debuted in theaters in 1939 amidst the Great Depression in the United States. World War II was in the infancy stages and the country was wiped out by poverty. People needed escapism at that time more than ever. Dorothy, Toto, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and The Cowardly Lion all took audiences on a much needed trip down the yellow brick road.

The last time The Wizard of Oz was released theatrically it was 1955, so this latest opening is well overdue. According to George Feltenstein, the senior vice president of WB’s theatrical catalog marketing:

“A film like this, which is so unlike any other motion picture and so beloved by the public all over the world, it deserves to be seen in the best possible light.”

I’ve never seen this film on the big screen so this will be a treat. It will be presented in surround sound and hi-definition, making the experience more memorable for the majority of us who’ve only watched it on TV or VHS.  I wonder if the Wicked Witch’s laugh will be even more unbearable than usual? It probably will, but that’s the whole point!

***Check your local theaters for show times.

Are you interested in seeing The Wizard of Oz in theaters for the first time?