michael jackson's this is it human nature clip

One of my favorite Michael Jackson songs is “Human Nature.” The smooth melodic tune is one of the many hits on the iconic R&B/Pop album, Thriller. A new clip has been released from the upcoming documentary Michael Jackson’s This Is It, and it features the late singer rehearsing the song. It’s a good look at M.J. still in his element after many years away from the stage.

Take a look at the King of Pop asking, why, why (tell’em that it’s human nature..)…

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Jackson still had good vocals down to his last days. Something tells me this would have been an jaw dropping performance as well as tour if he was able to follow through with it. The entire stage looks like it’s setting the mood for something amazing to go down. Unfortunately, we’ll never know what it would have been like to experience one last dose of M.J. All we have left is the documentary footage that’s covered in This Is It, which will hit theaters for a limited two week run starting October 28th.

What do you think of Michael Jackson’s performance in this clip the film?