gavin hood wants to do magneto

Gavin Hood, is the award winning director who brought us the steaming pile of film entitled X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Even though his last encounter with the comic book franchise was lackluster, that hasn’t stopped him from showing interest in another Marvel property, Magneto. According to MTV, Hood is smitten by the metal messiah and wouldn’t mind jumping on board to direct the feature if asked by the studio.

When asked about the X-Men supervillain he stated, “I think the character of Magneto is still a phenomenally interesting character.” The director is mesmerized by Magneto’s dark history, and finds him intriguing on a psychological level.

“He’s certainly a very interesting character—one rooted in childhood trauma and psychologically complex—and one that was superbly played by Ian McKellen. There are certain characters in the X-Men universe whose psychological life is strong and fascinating and complex. I think that’s why they’re appealing to audiences.”

If asked to direct X-Men Origins: Magneto, Hood would be more than excited to jump on board. Thanks, but no thanks. After this summer’s Wolverine disaster, I don’t want him anywhere near Magneto. The history of Wolverine was blown to bits under his direction, so there is no way anyone with half a brain should allow him near another iconic X-Men character. Don’t do it Fox.

What do you think about Gavin Hood possibly directing Magneto? Do you think he should?