So Charles Swift? If your life were ever made into a movie, who do you think would play you? George Clooney or Mat Damon?

Answer! Matt Damon! Apparently The Informant! was powerful enough to allow Matt Damon to boot George Clooney out of a role and send him to the directors chair. Well, that’s not the whole story, we’ll get to that below, but it appears that Damon will be starring in Hamdan v Rumsfeld, which was originally a role for Clooney who will now be directing the film instead.

At one point we had heard about a script called The Challenge, that was being written by Aaron Sorkin, and that Clooney would possibly be taking on the lead role as Charles Swift. Well, they decided that something just wasn’t working, so they gave the film a new name and did some re-adjusting…

According to Damon on the red carpet for the UK premiere of The Informant, the switch came about because “George just wasn’t right for the part, thank God, so I got to play it.” He then went on to joke with FemaleFirst that Clooney “gets enough good roles, he doesn’t need all the good ones, he’s got to leave some for the rest of us!” Don’t worry Damon, something tells me you’re doing just fine.

As for what the film is about, Damon briefly stated, “It’s about the so called ‘War On Terror’, but set in a courtroom.” And to go one step further with that, the film will be a dramatization of the court case about a chauffeur, who was captured in Afghanistan and shipped to notorious US detention centre Guantanamo Bay. Damon will play his lawyer Chris Swift, who eventually managed to take his case as far as the US Supreme Court to try and who was kicked out of the Navy for his work on this case.

As much as I love watching Clooney on screen, he’s an amazing director and since he has a few movies coming out with his face all over the posters, it’s good timing for him to hop back behind the camera and make another great film. With Sorkin writing away at what seems like a quite meaty script and Matt Damon in the lead, it sounds like we may have a real treat in store for us. Damon and Clooney are possibly the two best people to a court drama!

Do you think that the long time friends will be able to bring the courtroom drama to life?

Source: /Film