sherlockholmes sequel brad pitt

A while back there were so many rumors about Brad Pitt appearing in the Guy Ritchie adaption of Sherlock Holmes. The role in question was of Moriarty, a well known villain in the Holmes book series. The rumor was quickly debunked by Warner Bros, but now it’s starting to rear its ugly head once again. This time, speculation has Pitt appearing in the sequel to the upcoming film that hasn’t even hit theaters yet.

From what we’ve heard, Moriarty does make a brief appearance in the first film possibly as a set up for the sequel. According to THR, three months before Sherlock‘s theatrical release, Warner Bros has already hired Kieran and Michele Mulroney to write a screenplay for the follow up feature. Previously the duo was linked to the WB tentpole project Justice League: Mortal, which looks like it will be placed on the back burner indefinitely.

Back to Pitt and Moriarty. Those who have been on set and are close to the project say the character’s appearance is “in shadow and cannot be recognized.” What is this? Are we pulling a Batman Begins where you allude to the villain without ever seeing their face? Don’t get me wrong, it worked for the film but they’re saying that a person will be seen not an object of reference. That’s not as easy to pull off. If the person who plays Moriarty in the cameo doesn’t reprise the role for the sequel, I will be highly pissed. I don’t care who the actor is, whenever that happens it never works.

What do you think about a Sherlock sequel already being in development? Should Pitt play Moriarty?