stephen lang in avatar

It’s been a while since the last time any promotional photos were released for James Cameron‘s Avatar. There’s been so much coverage of the film, that the recent gap in marketing seemed almost unnatural. Thank goodness the people over at Market Saw got their hands on a new production still from the movie. It features actor Stephen Lang in the no nonsense role of Col. Quaritch. With a name like that you have no choice but to be hard as nails.

Take a look at the Colonel giving his best blue steel impersonation…

stephen lang in avatar

If you need to feed your Avatar appetite with more promotional goodies check out the first official teaser trailer, and this batch of film photos that we posted previously on the site.

As you can see, Col. Quaritch means business. He keeps a gun and a face mask within reach at all times. That tells us a lot about the setting of this film and what their trying to imply. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos like this that feature the supporting characters from the film. It would great to get an idea of what everybody’s role is or what they contribute to the story.

What do you think of this photo of Stephen Lang as Col. Quaritch?

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