the karate kid poster art

Yesterday, we brought you a few photos of Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith on the set of their new film, The Kung-Fu Kid. The film is a remake of 1984′s The Karate Kid, and features the same premise set in a different location. Over at /Film, they’ve gotten a hold of the old art and title for the new film that features Smith doing an impressive high kick. This was obviously created before the official renaming of the movie from the Karate to The Kung-Fu Kid.

Check out this first glimpse of Jaden doing his best Daniel-son impression…


This artwork has the 1980′s written all over it. I thought this was supposed to be a modern updated tale? Even though this is an older concept piece, why does it look so dated? I hope after this leaks to the press, they notice the negative backlash and change it. I thought they would go for something a little bit more current. I’m happy this is early artwork, because it is not cutting it.

The Kung-Fu Kid is scheduled to hit theaters on June 11, 2010. The film is produced by Will Smith, and is directed by Howard Zwart.

What do you think of the title art for the Kung-Fu Kid?