paul giamatti cast in ironclad

Oscar nominated actor Paul Giamatti has been cast in a new film of epic proportions entitled, Ironclad. According to Variety, the actor will star as a tyrant king in the film, which will be set in medieval times. The period drama will pit Giamatti against Solomon Kane star James Purefoy, while treachery, suffering and violence will ensue in the film directed by Jonathan English.

The story of Ironclad will center on a member of the formidable Knights Templar (Purefoy) and his seven cohorts who defend Rochester Castle against King John and his army in 13th century England. As previously mentioned, Giamatti will star as the king and the villain of choice in the film, which will be produced by Rick Benattar and Andrew Curtis.

In my eyes, I can envision Giamatti playing this character as someone with a Napoleon complex. The actor isn’t the tallest person around, and he could use the physical difference between him and the rest of the men in his kingdom as a source of anger and drive. James Purefoy is always playing a character from the past. I’ve seen him in a few present day features such as Resident Evil, and his television stint on NBC’s The Philanthropist, but that’s about it. Perhaps this is his era of choice?

What do you think about Paul Giamatti being cast in Ironclad?