fourth kind poster

The Fourth Kind is an upcoming thriller about alien abduction and the film’s first poster makes that quite clear. Recently we showed you the freaky trailer for the film, which is a chill-fest set in modern-day Nome, Alaska where people “magically” disappear. Thanks to the folks over at Latino Review we got our hands on the first one-sheet for the movie, and like the trailer — it’s freaky.

Check out the full poster, if you dare…


Freaky right?

The Fourth Kind is the directorial debut of former ad writer Olantunde Osunsanmi and stars Resident Evil heroine Milla Jovovich. The film doesn’t seem that exciting. Even if they changed the title to The Six-Hundred and Sixty-Six Kind, it still wouldn’t have me shaking in my boots. But isn’t it interesting that the film is plunging back into the “found footage” horror genre? Who are they really trying to fool? Regardless, The Fourth Kind hits theaters November 6th.

What do you think?