We just received more beautiful character posters for Spike Jonze‘s upcoming masterpieces Where the Wild Things Are. We were just discussing Jonze’s choice to use men in suits rather than CGI and how that choice helped in creating the magic and beauty behind the film, and these posters are a perfect example of that. When you look at the close up of The Bull above, you can see how tactile the hair feels and how piercing the eyes are. The whole thing could be a painting.

Below are five new posts including, Paul Dano as “Alexander,” Chris Cooper as “Douglas,” Forest Whitaker as “Ira,” Michael Berry Jr. as “The Bull,” and another shot of James Gandolfini as “Carol.”

Check them out now in our gallery…

To see the photos in full size, simply click any of them and then use the arrows to navigate…

Check out the posters of Carol, Max, KW, and Judith OR photos from the film!

Where the Wild Things Are will be released in theaters nationwide on October 16, 2009. The film stars James Gandolfini, Max Records, Catherine Keener, and Forest Whitaker and trust me, if the 20 minutes we saw at Comic-Con told us anything, it’s that this will be a visual and creative feast!

What do you think of the latest posters for the film?