Louie Psihoyos09-7-9

The director of the controversial, yet poignant documentary The Cove has found himself in more hot water. Louie Psihoyos has been at odds with Japanese authorities ever since he filmed portions of his film in the country, that exposed the harsh treatment given to dolphins. According to the Associated Press, Psihoyos risks being arrested by Japanese officials if he decides to attend the The Cove premiere at this year’s Tokyo Film Festival.

According to the Japanese government, Psihoyos the director and his crew broke several trespassing laws when they filmed a hunt in the seaside town of Taiji, where 2,000 dolphins are killed every year. The film shows fisherman using various tactics to scare and maneuver the dolphins into the cove, where they were speared and then killed. The Tokyo Film Festival opens on October 17th, and even though his freedom is on the line Psihoyos doesn’t seem to be worried.

“You can’t trespass in almost any other national park in the world that’s made for people. I don’t think I was trespassing in a legal sense.”

The director is just happy that the word is being spreading about the practices used to acquire dolphin meat. He said he hopes The Cove warns Taiji residents and other Japanese citizens about the dangers of eating dolphin meat, which he says has been found to be loaded with toxic mercury.

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What do you think of this whole situation? Should he be arrested for filming the fisherman in The Cove?