harry brown trailer

Remember the amazing performance that Michael Caine gave in the original version of Get Carter? That film along with Alfie are what made the actor one of the coolest men in entertainment. Sure, he’s Alfred Pennyworth now, but he has a badass past and he’s exposing it to the world. A trailer for his latest film Harry Brown has been released online and it looks like an awesome mix of Get Carter, Taken, and Death Wish.

Don’t let the gray hair fool you, he will shoot to kill…

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Do you love this or what? Open your eyes kids, this man is returning his roots. As you can tell from the trailer, Harry Brown has been receiving all types of praise this year. It’s had a successful run on the festival circuit, and will soon be available to the masses in conventional theaters. At the moment, Harry Brown has distribution set in the U.K, but unfortunately not in the U.S. Why does domestic distribution have to be so hard to find?

What do you think of the trailer for Harry Brown?