x-men first class 2010

There are so many X-Men spin-offs being produced at the same time it’s hard to keep them all straight. One of the upcoming films will be X-Men: First Class. The script for the film is written by Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl), and will focus on a handful of students at Xavier’s School for the Gifted that may or may not include Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), and Beast. With Deadpool, Wolverine 2, and the ever looming Magneto film’s in waiting, when will they get to First Class?

It turns out that one of the actors in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was an Easter egg for what we can expect to see in First Class. In Wolverine, there were a few scenes that included a young Cyclops as portrayed by a Tim Pocock. The Australian actor recently wrote on his official Twitter page some interesting info about the upcoming X-Men movie.

“Currently shooting Australian TV series till February 2010…then X-Men first class.”

From there we can gather that shortly after February of next year, they’ll start production on the film. Not to be a negative Nancy, but who said he was an awesome young Cyclops? I didn’t really care for Wolverine as a whole and I thought their casting for a good chunk of the mutants was way off the mark. The top two characters I didn’t like the most were Cyclops and Emma Frost, and now according to him he’ll be back for more.

What do you think about First Class and the return of Tim Pocock’s Cyclops?