It’s time for Steven Soderbergh‘s latest film, The Informant! starring Matt Damon as “Mark Whitacre” or “0014″ to hit theaters! This is Soderbergh’s second film in his back to back productions with The Girlfriend Experience and another one of many films with Matt Damon after the Ocean’s series.

Check out a full rundown below…

The Players:

  • Directed by: Steven Soderbergh
  • Screen Adaptation by: Kurt Eichenwald
  • Book by: Kurt Eichenwald
  • Cast: Starring Matt Damon alongside Melanie Lynskey, Scott Bakula and Joel McHale
  • Executive Producer: George Clooney, Michael London and Jeff Skoll
  • Original Music: Marvin Hamlisch

The Plot:

Matt Damon plays Mark Whitacre, an ADM employee who works for a lysine developing company ADM who is trying to weasle his way into upper management when his life takes a sudden turn. Is it because he has a master plan? Is it because he’s cares about what’s right? Is it because he’s a complete idiot? It’s not clear, but he decides to take a job working for the FBI as 0014 (because he’s twice as smart as 007). So what’s the truth? You’re going to have to see the film to find out…

The Good:

  • Matt Damon!: If anything in this film deserves an exclamation point, it’s Damon for his performance as this pathetic, self-involved, oddly pity-able, and yet completely ridiculous character. He absolutely nails the role and keeps you interested from start to finish. Damon’s career has been an ever changing one, from his action-hero role in the Bourne series, to his over-acheiver con-man role in the Ocean’s series, and now this, he’s one of the most dynamic actors out there today. People are constantly categorizing him as a sex symbol, a comedian, or an action star, but he proves in this film that he is one of the top character actors out there.
  • The Look: Acting as his own Director of Photography, one thing is for sure it’s that Soderbergh knows how to set the tone for a film without having to use excessive lighting, make-up or special effects. When it comes to his shots, he’s a straight-forward guy, which allows for him to execute twisty, turn-y stories well. And unlike when other directors who try to have complex plots, his actually make sense.
  • The Inner-Monologues: Damon has a series of inner-monologues throughout the film which are probably the funniest thing to watch. The only problem is that they do begin to get a little distracting and could have been cut down a bit. I get they by them going on and on it feeds the character, but as an audience member they get tiresome and it would have been nice if they could of come up with another way to express the characters absent minded-ness.
  • The Music: Marvin Hamlisch who scored two films being released this weekend, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and this, did a great job at intertwining songs from the era with an original quirky and fun score which definitely helped the film clip long. Sadly, even a good score couldn’t help the film from it’s biggest problem…

The Bad:

  • The Run-time: The film needed a major trip to the chopping block. It needed a good 15-20 minutes chopped off in order for it to keep the pace needed for it to be considered a comedy. Especially in the beginning. The film picks up about a third of the way in, but it starts off far too slow and is filled with far too much unnecessary exposition.
  • Humor: They’re advertising this film like a laugh out loud comedy and it’s not. It’s funny, but in a “chuckle under your breath” kind of way, not the “have soda leaking out of your nose” way.


The film is good and Matt Damon will blow you away, but don’t set your sights on an outrageous comedy or you’re bound to be disappointed.

Check out the film in theaters September 18th!

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