Last night we reported that Matt Damon would be joining Michael Douglas in the cast of Liberace, as the famous performer’s gay lover. I reserved the right to take it back in case it was not true (it was People reporting it), but it looks like I don’t need to! FirstShowing got the inside scoop from Steven Soderbergh at The Toronto International Film Festival about his upcoming bio-flick Liberace, as well as his 3-D musical Cleo and the possibility of a sequel to The Limey!

Similar to how Soderbergh shot The Informant and The Girlfriend Experience, he will be tackling Liberace and Cleo back to back…

I’m going to prep the other one while I’m shooting Knockout. So next June, I was literally talking to Michael Douglas last night, and saying I think it’s going to be June-July-August. So that’s going to be crazy.”

Is there some race for “most films directed buy a single director in one year?” Because it certainly seems that way. Either that or he is suffering from an extreme case of film-making ADD. I will give him points on creativity. None of the four projects mentioned have ANYTHING to do with one another. Although I do think that both his films this year could have used a little more of his time and attention, I’m interested to see what he’s got up his sleeve!

As for his 3-D rock-n-roll opera extravaganza Cleo, with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Hugh Jackman, he’s not clear if Jackman will still be on board. Due to scheduling conflicts, the date being pushed back, and Jackson signing on for other musicals, Soderbergh isn’t sure who will be cast in the main role…

…We have the money, we just haven’t scheduled it… He’s [Jackman] attached himself to several other musicals that I think might get made before this, so it– I’ve got to have a conversation with him about that, because I certainly don’t want to be in a situation where it’s not a fresh idea to have him in the movie.

It seems like he was trying to make waves with Cleo, and if all he’s getting is a splash, it’s not really worth it. I suggest Cillian Murphy if he’s really looking for something unexpected. I can’t picture him running around singing to Cleopatra. How about you?

As far as the sequel for The Limey goes, it’s not looking good at the moment…

It’s one of those things again like — we all would sort of like to do it, but it feels like we’re having to force it a little.

The last thing we need is another half-assed sequel and it sounds like the man is not short on ideas, so why waste his time?

What do you think about all this? Who would you like to see dancing around in Cleo? Do you want to see a sequel to The Limey? And what do you think of him tackling both Cleo and Liberace at the same time?

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