shawn levy real steal

Director Shawn Levy, who is best known for his work on the Night at the Museum franchise, has got a new gig. According to Yahoo, Levy has snagged the project Real Steel out of the hands of fellow director Peter Berg. Berg was initially set to helm the film, but decided to move on leaving the position open for Levy. What is Real Steel exactly? It sounds like the bastardization of Transformers mixed with the Rock’em Sock’em toys, but it’s not.

Real Steel is a futuristic tale set in a world where human boxing has been outlawed, and the only form of the sport allowed includes robots. They can be operated from outside the ring by remote control by players, who in this case are a father and son team trying to win the Bot Boxing Championship.

The film is backed by DreamWorks who bought the property back in 2003. Earlier this summer there was word that Peter Berg was interested in directing, but he decided to focus on other projects that he had in development.

The premise for this film sounds very 1980′s. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of eighties action films, but this doesn’t sit right with me. This is one of those extreme cases where I need to see some concept art or something to give me a visual of what they’re going for. This will be a hard one to sell in my eyes.

What do you think about Shawn Levy directing Real Steel?