Here’s a piece of unnecessary development news. According to THR, George A. Romero’s 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead is getting the pseudo-remake treatment. The new film will be entitled Night of the Living Dead: Origins. That’s right, they’re going all X-Men on a piece of cinematic history. The film will also be laced with two things that will take away from its campy roots, excessive CGI and 3-D.

According to the trade, Night of the Living Dead: Origins will be directed by newcomer Zebediah de Soto and produced by Simon West and Simon West Productions. They are referring to the film as a re-imagining of the cult classic that debuted in theaters over 40 years ago. De Soto co-wrote the script with David R. Schwartz, and describes it as an updated version of the original tale. He plans on bringing out more of the character’s backstory in what he calls “an American-style anime.”

On the technological front, De Soto and partner Gus Malliarodaki will use their company, New Golden Digital to produce the special effects for the film. The duo created a program called “The Beast,” which allows filmmakers to direct CG performances the same way they would direct real live actors. Can you say creepy? That’s a little too Terminator for my taste.

How can you remake or re-imagine a film that’s still in an active franchise? Isn’t George A. Romero still directing movies in the Dead series? The original Night of the Living Dead was amazing and cutting edge for its time and I don’t want them ruining it. I let the Dawn of the Dead remake slide because it was one of the sequels, but this is the originator. I wonder how George feels about this?

What do you think about them remaking Night of the Living Dead in 3-D?