Something tells me this is a rumor. I have a pit in my stomach and the source of the story being People doesn’t help the matter. But oh well, here’s the “news,” I reserve the right to take it back later…

Michael Douglas is set to play Liberace in the film biography directed by Steven Soderbergh (this much we had heard before), and Matt Damon has officially “accepted the challenge” of playing Scott Thorsen his longtime lover. Who ever saw that pair coming? They are going to have Douglas playing a campy musical performer dressed in glitter and Matt Damon as the assistant/boyfriend who “outed” the entertainer in 1982 over a palimony suit for $110 million.

According to People and backed by a French Newspaper at the Deauville Film Festival (with no link), Soberbergh is already rolling ahead with the new film before his latest one The Informant hits theater. They’ve even got Michael in playing dress up already…

“We’ve already done some costume and wardrobe tests on Michael, and they’re very, very, very good…I swear to you, Michael amazed me. He crushed it.”

Writer/director Richard Lagravense penned the script and Soderbergh said “the budget will allow filmmakers to re-stage segments of Liberace’s spectacular stage act, which often involved elaborate stunts such as flying or driving to his piano bench in a Rolls-Royce.”

Can’t wait to see about that! Who thinks this is true?