Lebron James Basketball Fantasy Camp

Basketball star Lebron James will soon be hitting the big screen in a feature film. According to Variety, James will co-star in a comedy entitled, Fantasy Basketball Camp. The film will be produced by Brian Grazer who knows a thing or two about ushering talent from one form of entertainment to another. He’s the one that backed Eminem in his 2002 hit, 8 Mile.

According to the trade, James will star in Fantasy Basketball Camp as himself, which might take some of the edge off. The film will center on five guys who go to Vegas to live out their fantasy by attending the LeBron James Adult Basketball Camp. While it should be enough that these dreamers get to breathe the same oxygen as their hero, the campers drag James into their various life issues, ranging from serious to idiotic.

The idea for James starring in the comedy originally came from Grazer and his 8 year old son’s desire to meet the player. The producer then saw an episode of Saturday Night Live that James hosted and noticed he had great comedic timing. No other casting has been announced, but I’ve already got my dream team lined up. Lets just say my top pick is an actor with the last name Vaughn, first name Vince.

What do you think about Lebron James’ upcoming feature film role?