Matthew Vaughn‘s live action adaptation of the Mark Millar comic Kick-Ass hasn’t even released an official trailer, but a sequel has already been confirmed. Over at MTV, author and creator Millar told their correspondent that we can definitely expect to see more Kick-Ass in the future. The film won’t hit theaters until April 16th of next year, so this is a bit premeditated on the studio’s part don’t you think?

When speaking with MTV, Millar said “There’s a basic plot. The series ends on a teaser for the next one, and the movie ends on that teaser, too.” He added that the first film “didn’t cost that much money to make. There will definitely be another one.”

So without much to go on, they’re going to assume that the first film will be a massive hit and make them all the money they’ll need to produce a second? This may be an example of putting the cart before the horse. Granted the fan response to the Kick-Ass trailer at Comic-Con was phenomenal, but those were die hard fans. You have to think about the general population.

Lionsgate picked up the distribution rights for the film after a hefty bidding war, due to that overwhelming Comic-Con response. I hope they don’t put all their eggs in one basket. I want the film to do well, but not at the expense of them pushing sequels out one after another. That’s usually when the story begins to suffer.

What do you think about a Kick-Ass sequel being confirmed so early?