***Update: ScreenCrave’s Informant! review now posted!***

Over at The Toronto International Film Festival, they just premiered The Informant by director Steven Soderbergh starring Matt Damon and so far the reviews have been mixed. I saw the film a couple of weeks ago and thought that although Matt Damon was absolutely stellar, the film was not without its problems.

In the film, Damon stars as Mark Whiticre, an FBI informant who helped gather incriminating evident against the grain processing company back in the early nineties. We debuted the trailer a while back, and I loved every minute of it, sadly the trailer does represent the movie you will be seeing in theaters, although that’s not to say it’s not any good.

Check out what people are staying about The Informant

It’s agreed across the board, Matt Damon is absolutely great in the film…

  • Damon plays the complex Whitacre incredibly well… – CraveOnline
  • Damon doesn’t just dig into the role physically. He also keeps you on your toes with Whitacre’s happy-go-lucky personality… It’s a welcome opportunity to watch him show off his comedic abilities – AP
  • With this movie, Damon reveals himself to be one of the few A-listers with real range, in terms of both versatility—his pusillanimous, smarmy Whitacre is as far removed from the steely Jason Bourne as you can imagine—and girth. – VanityFair

Sadly, it’s not the fast paced comedy you might have hoped:

  • And while The Informant! will most certainly end up residing in the comedy section, don’t mistake it for a fall-down laugh riot of any sort. The film has a dry and laconic demeanor, but it’s (mercifully) lacking in “set up, punch line, repeat” machinations. – Cinematical
  • The movie insists that all this is hilarious, but it feels like desperate pleading. – THR
  • Soderbergh doesn’t play any of this for outright laughs but has cast quite a few comic actors in supporting roles — even the Smothers Brothers pop up in cameos, Tom as the ADMchairman, Dick as a judge — and lets the comedy emerge from the head-spinning swirl of events and mental charades. – Variety

As far as Soderbergh goes, the jury is still out…

  • Soderbergh’s whimsical direction conditions a viewer not to trust this protagonist…. Soderbergh, acting as his own cinematographer under the name Peter Andrews, is in love with the HD digital camera Red Cam, so light levels are low and natural. Which is somewhat at odds with the comic mode of the film. – THR
  • On paper, The Informant! is maybe the most boring movie of the year. The script is a total snooze and director Steven Soderbergh seems to know he has nothing, so he casts most of the movie’s supporting parts with comedians and plays wacky, circus-like music with each scene; book ending them in bizarrely out of place, brightly colored title cards written in pimp-like fonts. – Cinemablend

It’s problems…

  • The problem, however, is that I found we never really got to know the real Mark Whitacre. How much was a lie and how much was the truth? – Empire
  • Everyone else in the movie mostly reacts in bewilderment. Except for Lynskey’s Ginger, the one calm person amid chaos. Is she on to her husband or is she clueless? That answer never comes. -THR

What do you think? Are you still interested in the film?