A Christmas Carol Title

The final poster for Disney and Robert ZemeckisA Christmas Carol has been released. Over at Cinematical they have an exclusive sneak peek at the latest one-sheet promoting the film. A Christmas Carol hits theaters on November 6th, and will be a 3-D event that you won’t want to miss. The following poster shows star Jim Carrey taking flight as his character Ebenezer Scrooge.

The expression on his face is priceless…

New A Christmas Carol Poster

Doesn’t Jim look excited in this photo? A lot of people have voiced their personal complaints about Zemeckis’ take on the classic, but I think it will be great. It will never replace my old-school Muppet’s version of the story, but I won’t completely disregard it.

The animation looks amazing, and not just the characters but the entire landscape of the film. The city looks like it’s going to jump out at you. We’ve got a good month and a half to go until we can finally see it in theaters.

What do you think of the poster for A Christmas Carol?