battle angel james cameron

For the past year, whenever it came to director James Cameron, Avatar had always been the topic of discussion. We forget that during his 12 year hiatus from narrative films, he’s had several ideas sitting on the back burner. One of his developing projects is the epic live action adaptation of Battle Angel. It’s a futuristic tale centering on a deadly, female cyborg who happens to look like a 14 year old girl. Over at Market Saw, they got some serious details regarding the film that’s tentatively scheduled for a 2011 release.

According to the site, they got a few descriptions and confirmations regarding the look of the artificial world that Battle Angel is based in. At the moment they’ve been running various tests, which include special effects and make up. But the most interesting tidbit has to do with the main character. Earlier I mentioned that she was a 14 year old cyborg, and their source confirms that she will be 100% lethal.

Now picture the “Angel of Death” looking like a child. a 14 year old. Now imagine this, this little girl goes through these guys like butter. Did you see the KICK-ASS trailer? Well imagine that girl via the Matrix via Ghost in the shell, via AI. “Remember the True Lies bathroom brawl?” Well take out Arnold, and “copy and paste” Bruce Lee on acid via the Terminator. as seen through the eyes of a sweet innocent 14 year old cyborg girl. And all of this done via the mind of James Cameron, Holy shit what is not to love? The lights flicker and shit hits the fan. Awesome stuff.

Right now, casting for the main character hasn’t been confirmed, but there are rumors that Cameron has already chosen his leading lady. Also, some people have been wondering whether or not the director will keep the film’s title as Battle Angel. The name Angel of Death has been mentioned as a potential replacement, but the source thinks the original version will stick.

The film hasn’t been officially green lit, and the only thing that could possibly keep that from happening is Avatar. If it bombs critically and commercially, there might be some problems. This will not be a cheap film to make.

What do you think about the latest news on Battle Angel?