Nothing is ever as simple as it should be. Due to Liam Neeson‘s recent lose of his wife, Ed Harris will be taking over his role in Dustin Lance Black’s upcoming film What’s Wrong With Virginia according to Collider. Although the reason behind Neeson having to step down from the role is horrible, if anyone could fill his shoes it’s Ed Harris. Both men are amazing actors who have been around for a long time, so aside from the sad news, I’m rather excited to see what Harris can do with the role.

Also joining the cast will be Emma Roberts and Amy Madigan. Jennifer Connelly has been signed on to the project since the beginning and sans anymore horrific accidents, it looks like we have ourselves one impressive cast.

Variety Synopsis: Harris plays the role of a sheriff whose state senate bid is jeopardized when his daughter begins to date the son of a psychologically disturbed woman (Connelly) with whom the sheriff has engaged in a two-decade affair.

Which is worse? Losing his bid for Senate or having his daughter possibly dating her brother? I’ll go with the latter. Leave it to Black, who recently received an Academy Award for his film Milk to conjure up another interesting script, which again deals with politics in an interesting, albeit very different way.

What do you think about Ed Harris taking over the role?