the ring 3 in 3-d?

I think at some point a drinking game will be created for every time Hollywood comes up with another movie to produce in 3-D. It seems like every reboot, remake, or third installment of a trilogy has to be in glorious 3-D. Personally, the trend has grown tiresome in my eyes, but studios won’t let it die. According to Bloody Disgusting, talk has emerged about making another film in the popular horror series, The Ring.

The Ring Two hit theaters back in 2005 and made over 160 million worldwide. This is small potatoes compared to the first film, which grossed 250 million. Obviously the films are getting less popular as the franchise continues, but producers can’t take a hint. What could possibly make audiences come back to the horror series? Oh, I know. How about lacing it with 3-D visuals that will make us forget about the horrible storyline or reused material? Sources are saying that the next film will do just that.

The first Ring could have been done in 3-D, but only because of the scene with the creepy girl coming out of the TV screen. That would have worked,  but after two films it wears pretty thin. I feel like I’m trapped in the 1950′s, 3-D technology is just now being discovered, and it’s all the rage. Guess what? It’s been around for years, so why has it become such an epidemic as of late?

Would you go see The Ring in 3-D?