sylvain white talks ronin

Similar to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, director Sylvain White has also been bitten by the comic book bug. How do you go from Stomp the Yard to The Losers, over to Ronin? I’m not talking about the Robert De Niro drama from the nineties, but the Frank Miller comic. According to Superherohype, White has his eye on the property and wants to adapt it for the big screen. Here’s an update on the film’s status as well as some back story on the title character.

“It’s still being developed,” an eager White told, “I just got a new draft a week ago. It’s looking really good and promising. I hope it gets to go… [Mine is] a big-budget, big blockbuster take on it. I’d love to do it in 3D. I think it’d be ridiculous and amazing.”

Who or what is Ronin? He is the main character in a DC Comics series that ran for one year from 1983 to 1984. He’s a reincarnated man who’s gearing up for a final showdown with the soul of the man who killed his mentor.  The story “blends feudal Japan with a darkly futuristic, cyberpunk New York city.”

White also went on to talk about the visual quality of the the comic and how it could transfer over to film.

Replicating frames… that’s a different language. You want to always stay true to the graphic novel, but you’re watching a different medium. You never want to remind the audience that they’re watching a graphic novel or [an adaptation of] a graphic novel source. You just want them to watch a great movie. And if they know it’s based on a graphic novel, awesome. And if you make the fans happy because you paid good tribute to the source material, awesome. I don’t think you make fans happy by just replicating frames. What they want to see is that you stayed true to the story, true to the characters and true to the design.”

We’ve all heard this kind of talk from directors before, regarding the comic’s source material. “Respecting the fans” is always a big thing to throw out into the universe as well, but it doesn’t always happen.  Since Ronin isn’t as well  known as a lot of other comic characters I’m sure that will give him the opportunity to have a little more freedom with the story.

He could easily get put into that weird position that Zack Snyder was in after he directed Watchmen. It was a movie made for fans, understood by fans, and to hell with everyone else. Which route do you think he’ll take?

What do you think about Sylvain White taking on Ronin?