I’ve recently stumbled upon a bunch of interesting/funny/sexy photos and videos of superhero/sci-fi movies around the web and thought you might want to check them out.

Above is a picture by Matt Groening of all the “Futrama” characters as superheros and below is a photo of the “best” or rather “most revealing” Poison Ivy costume ever…


For the full photo go to

Then we have STAR WARS! Think you’re a Star Wars fan? Can you top this person who decorated his home around Star Wars memorabilia? And we’re not talking about a poster here or a model there, we’re talking about rows and rows of collector’s items lined up on shelves, on and in every table, in the bathroom, on the computer screen…everywhere! Check out this guys apartment on

And I know this is a bit old, but it’s more relevant than ever and always fun to watch. Daft Pink does Tron