patrick swayze films

After today’s unfortunate announcement involving the death of actor-dancer Patrick Swayze, we wanted to celebrate the best from his long spanning career. We have gathered a collection of the top ten films that featured the one and only Patrick Swayze. Some may be surprises, others may be expected but they all made their way onto the list for a reason.

Find out if your favorite Swayze flick made the cut…

Dirty Dancing


Red Dawn

Point Break

Road House

To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

North & South

Next of Kin

Steel Dawn

The Beast

Technically The Beast isn’t a film, but it served as Patrick’s last noted work so I thought it would only be fair that it was included. As you can see his career spanned from the critical to the campy, but he still gave the same energy to every role no matter the project.

What is your favorite Patrick Swayze performance?