Michael Sheen tron legacy

Months ago it was confirmed that Michael Sheen was set to star in the upcoming sequel, Tron Legacy. The majority of this speculation pegged the actor to play the villain in the film, but according to Comingsoon that’s not the case. They recently caught up with Sheen and asked him a couple of questions about his role in Legacy, specifically whether or not he would be playing the bad guy. Does that smile look like it belongs to a killer?

The irony of my previous statement is hilarious considering the fact that Sheen will star as a vicious vampire in the upcoming film The Twilight Saga: New Moon. It turns out that the British actor will be playing a nightclub host in Tron Legacy. That’s right, out of all the occupations and descriptions his character could have, he’ll be partying it up as a host. It may not sound that exciting but according to Sheen he still got to do a lot of green screen shooting.

“My stuff was mainly in this amazing set that they built because I’m a nightclub host, so they built the nightclub and there were hundreds of extras and it was one of those great scenes where there’s just loads going on.”

It’s so easy to assume that he would be the bad guy in this situation, because he was the only name actor who’s role hadn’t been decently described. If he isn’t the bad guy, then who is? Maybe the villain will be one of the two female leads Olivia Wilde or Beau Garrett?

What do you think about Michael Sheen’s role in Tron Legacy?