I want to do my Blade Runner, which is like a future Berlin film, which is like a thriller, but it’s much deeper characters, I think.

Not long ago this was one of Duncan Jones replies when I asked him “So what’s next?” in a one-on-one interview for Moon. Well Mr. Jones, if that was your goal was, from the looks of your first piece of concept art to hit the web for your upcoming sci-fi thriller Mute, you’re definitely on your way!

Check out the photo below…


Below the photo on Liberty-Films, where the photo was released, it stated that the film is currently in development, with writers Duncan Jones (Moon) and Mike Johnson (Sherlock Holmes), with Jones at the helm. It also stated:

Project currently in preproduction and set to shoot in Berlin early 2010 with Studio Babelsberg.

As you might have guessed, I am one of Jones’ biggest fans. I was completely blown away by his film Moon, which was one of the best films so far this year competing only with Up, Drag Me to Hell, and The Hurt Locker.

The colors, the drama, everything about this photo gets me excited for the film to get going. Hopefully he won’t fall victim of the curse of the second film, in which a director gets overwhelmed and instead of following their gut listens to others and ends up making a middle-of-the-road film which doesn’t live up to the first

I have hope for Jones! I think he can deliver! Do you?